Saturday, August 29, 2015

Several upsets at Czech Open 2015

No.2 seed - Tang Peng from Hong Kong, who never won men's singles title sadly fails again, as Frenchman Simon Gauzy got his revenge for defeat in WTTC 2013 in Paris. This time Simon won 4 games to 1. To be honest, i really cheered for Tang, but it seems that Tang who is currently ranked no.14 in the world will never win men's singles title. That is just absurd.

He got his revenge!

Also, Tiago Apolonia from Portugal who was seed no.4 also got defeated by another Frenchman - seed no.27 - Adrien Mattenet. Adrien won 4-2. It's been a tough year for Tiago Apolonia, ever since he showed in 2014 that he could be a new threat to Chinese, and to the world, as he player matches of his life.

And last but not least upset - Patrick Baum - seed no.8 lost 4-2 to Quadri Aruna no.30 seed. We all know that Quadri Aruna is full of surprises, as he managed to go all the way to 1/4 finals of Men's World Cup 2014, where Zhang Jike struggled with Arunas mighty forehand.

Nightmare for defenders - Aleksandar Karakasevic!

In the first round of Czech Open 2015 Ruwen Filus had a difficult opponent - experienced Serbian veteran - Aleksandar Karakasevic. Ruwen Filus recently played his first final - Belarus Open 2015 . He lost in finals to Li Ping from Qatar. Anyways, Ruwen Filus is not the type of player you wish to play if you don't have to. But for Aleksandar Karakasevic, long pips on backhand and very precise forehand of Ruwen Filus didn't seem to bother him too much, as he won 4 games to 1 in the round of 64 at Czech Open 2015.

As the time goes by, he gets better!
Then came the round of 32, another defender, but from different continent - Shiono Masato from Japan - winner of Japan Open 2013, and interestingly winner of Czech Open 2013. Shiono had troubles of adjusting his game ever since the introduction of new poly balls. Looks like Karakasevic figured out how to use that against him :

"I was down three games to one and losing 4-7, then three-two and losing 3-7, before at three-three being behind 4-7", smiled Aleksandar Karakasevic. "I really thought at at three-one for him i had no chance"

Eventually Kara won the match 4 games to 3. It is safe to say, that Karakasevic is like a wine, as he gets older - he gets better!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kim Donghyun is total winner of Bulgaria Open 2015!

I don't remember when was the last time that someone who entered some tournament, won : u-21 boy's singles, men's doubles and men's singles title in the same tournament! Well, Kim Donghyun from South Korea managed to do that. 

Ultimate winner- Kim Donghyun!

He won against Kenta Matsudaira in a close match 4-3 (8-11, 11-7, 11-8, 6-11, 11-7, 4-11, 11-8). The match itself was very intense as Kim tends to attack as much as possible, where Kenta i more of a passive player who tends to block occasionally. As i said other than men's singles title, he also won u-21 title where he beat Tomislav Pucar from Croatia. And also he won in men's doubles with his coach Cho Eonrae against Viktor Brodd from Sweden and Kasper Sternberg from Denmark. Congratulations Kim!

Bulgaria Open 2015 Kim Donghyun vs Kenta Matsudaira Final

Korean semi final at Bulgaria Open 2015

We already talked about controversial match between Kim Donghyun and Cho Eonrae. Regardless, 20 year old Kim won and now he faced his compatriot Kim Minseok. These two were seeds no.1 and no.4. So it was expected of these to to meet each other. The game was tied until 5th set came, then Kim Donghyun took great momentum and rushed into victory with the result of 4 games to 2 (11-8, 8-11, 12-10, 8-11, 11-8, 12-10). 

20 years old and up in the finals!

In the finals he is to face Kenta Matsudaira from Japan who won against Lee Sangsu. Will he revenge his compatriot Lee?

Bulgaria Open 2015 Kim Minseok vs Kim Donghyun 1/2 finals

Power of the Tomahawk serve!

First semi final match at Bulgaria Open 2015 was between Kenta Matsudaira from Japan and Lee Sangsu, from South Korea. A little reminder, Lee Sangsu destroyed Dimitrij Ovtcharov at WTTC 2015 in Suzhou. And then he proceeded all the way to 1/8 finals where, more skillful player Tang Peng beat him 4 games to 1. Anyway, Lee Sangsu is talented young player and it is not surprise that he managed to get to semi finals. However..

You shall not pass!

 On the other side of the table is Kenta Matsudaira, once worlds number 15. Kenta lost first set 11-6, and then he won in 4 straight sets 11-3 11-7 11-7 11-9. Interesting thing, as i mentioned at WTTC 2015 in Suzhou Lee Sangsu won first set against Hong Kong's Tang Peng 11-1. But then he also lost 4 straight sets. So perhaps it could be a mental thing here against Kenta. Anyway, i am glad to see that Kenta is getting himself out of plastic ball crisis. Good for you Kenta!

Bulgaria Open 2015 Lee Sangsu vs Kenta Matsudaira 1/2 finals

Crowd goes wild at Bulgaria Open 2015

In a 1/4 finals match between Aleksandar Karakasevic from Serbia and Kenta Matsudaira from Japan, crowd really found a way to show that they support Karakasevic. He is 39 years old, so we could call him a veteran. He beat Liu Gouliang in WTTC 1997. That is quite remarkable. That was 18 years ago but still he manages to show that he still has a excellent touch for table tennis. I heard that people call him "chubby Jan Ove Waldner" . 

He still got it

On the other side was Kenta Matsudaira, who is having trouble since the introduction of new plastic balls. If you remember, we are talking about a player who almost beat Xu Xin in the 1/4 finals of WTTC 2013 in Paris. So the match could go either way. Check it out and enjoy!

Bulgaria Open 2015  Kenta Matsudaira vs Aleksandar Karakasevic 1/4 finals

Fixed match at Bulgaria Open 2015?!

In 1/4 finals of Bulgaria Open 2015, there was a interesting match between Cho Eonrae and Kim Donghyun of South Korea. Two compatriots met each other and what is taught to be a interesting intense match, ended up in a almost practice match where Kim Donghyun ended as victor with the result of 4:0. 

Cho Eonrae- a good friend or a bad opponent?

See, the funny thing is that Cho Eonrae is currently coaching Kim Donghyun on his way to title at Bulgaria Open 2015. So, perhaps, Cho really just wanted to ease off his younger compatriot letting him go through to semi finals with more energy? You be the judge.

Bulgaria Open 2015 Cho Eonrae vs Kim Donghyun 1/4 finals